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My Name is Kerrie Ann Auclair and I am the GOAL Advocacy Director and Women’s Programs Assistant for Gun Owners' Action League. I am excited to welcome you to GOAL's Women's Resource Page.

First a little about myself:  NRA, Refuse to Be a Victim, Range Safety Officer and USCCA instructor she also is a pepper spray instructor, and MA State Police approved for BFS courses.

My primary mission is to support GOAL's Director of Education and Training, Jon Green, in expanding our women's training initiatives, including programs like Women on Target and general range days for women.

Women are the fastest-growing demographic in the Second Amendment community, it's crucial to increase training and range access opportunities for women.

As the number of female shooters continues to rise, GOAL recognizes the importance of offering resources and programs to female Second Amendment enthusiasts and assisting ranges in serving their communities better.

If you're interested in our women's training programs,hosting a ladies' day at the range or establishing a women's program at your club, contact Kerrie at Kerrie@GOAL.org   Phone: 401-374-05

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Are you a victim of domestic violence or just want to be responsible for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones in general? You are not alone, we can help!

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