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In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the battle for our 2A civil rights has never been more critical. It's disheartening to witness the erosion of our Second Amendment freedoms in a state with such a rich history of fighting for liberty. That's why I want to introduce you to Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL), the local state affiliate of the National Rifle Association.

From Beacon Hill to the training range, GOAL is committed to protecting your freedom. Our ability to communicate with our members and coordinate with our supporters on a moment's notice has been crucial in stopping catastrophic anti-civil rights legislation.

Our primary objective is to ensure that more people in Massachusetts are aware of GOAL and our vital role in safeguarding our civil rights. We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and by spreading the word, we can rally more Support for our cause.

Membership: We invite you to become a member of GOAL. Our strength lies in our numbers; every new member adds to our collective voice. As a member, you'll have access to a community of like-minded individuals, valuable resources, and the satisfaction of knowing you're actively defending our freedoms.

Donations: We rely on the generosity of supporters like you to fund our efforts. Your donations enable us to keep up the fight, challenge restrictive legislation, and protect our rights in the courts.

Check Out What We Do!

GOAL's Training Programs Reach 1000s of People Every Year: GOAL is dedicated to promoting firearm safety and education. We offer over 100 training classes annually to ensure responsible gun ownership. GOAL is committed to education in firearm use, handling, and safety, and the laws the 2A community has to contend with. We offer various courses catering to individuals with different levels of experience, from beginners to advanced users, including law enforcement and military personnel. We also provide certification training for aspiring firearms instructors and offer referrals to instructors across the state.

Grassroots and Member Supported: We are a grassroots organization whose strength comes from our members. We rely on the support and activism of individuals like you who are passionate about defending our rights. GOAL encourages its members and law-abiding gun owners to actively engage in the legislative process. We conduct outreach at clubs - discussing political issues, Massachusetts laws, and the concerns of gun owners and sportsmen. We organize grassroots campaigns involving activities such as email campaigns, phone calls, social media advocacy, State House rallies, and community-level engagement with legislators. This helps counteract efforts by out-of-state entities that seek to restrict Second Amendment rights.

Legislative Advocacy: GOAL closely monitors firearms and sporting-related legislation in the Massachusetts State Legislature. GOAL employs registered lobbyists to represent the interests of licensed gun owners and sportsmen, providing testimony at public hearings and communicating their positions to lawmakers. We also sponsor bills to improve and repeal the state's firearms laws.

Voter Education: GOAL provides its members with information on candidates for political office, particularly regarding their stances on firearms-related policies. They use candidate questionnaires to evaluate and grade candidates. Additionally, they assess the voting records of current legislators and their support for relevant legislation. Our grading system clearly separates those candidates with established voting records and those just getting started.

Communication: GOAL's main source of communicating with our members is through our Friday Email News. Every Friday we send our members the latest information on what is going on around the Commonwealth. It could be legislation, training, club events, you name it.

Podcast: GOAL publishes a very professional podcast that is released about every two weeks. Special guests include GOAL staff, activists from around the country, and 2A celebrities.

Meet Our 2A Team

Jim Wallace

Executive Director

Jon Green

Director of Education & Training

Angi Fisher

Chief of Staff

Mike Harris

Director of Public Policy

Kerrie Ann Auclair

Director of Advocacy & Women's Programs

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We need your support to continue fighting for our rights. Your membership and contributions are crucial to our efforts to defend and restore our Second Amendment civil rights in Massachusetts.

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