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GOAL Education

Our GOAL is Education.  Our staff provides quality training for individuals interested in the proper use, handing, and safe storage of firearms. We provide courses to people with no firearms experience, intermediate courses for people who have just acquired a license, and advanced training – suitable for law enforcement agencies and active military members.  We also provide certification training for those wishing to become firearms instructors, and referrals to instructors around the state.  

GOAL At The State House

GOAL employs a registered lobbyist who maintains a close watch on firearms and sporting related legislation pending before the Massachusetts General Court. GOAL often represents licensed gun owners and sportsmen when we offer testimony at public hearings and communicate our position in writing to the members of the legislature.

GOAL also sponsors bills each legislative session to make necessary improvements to our state’s firearms laws.

GOAL Litigation

In late July of 2016 MA Attorney General Maura Healey announced a new enforcement notice in the Boston Globe and other media outlets.  With the stroke of her pen she declared legally owned MA compliant variants of AR15 and AK style rifles to be “copycats” of firearms banned by law in Massachusetts.

GOAL feels that one individual shouldn’t be able to arbitrarily change the law without due process.  For this reason we have filed suit in Federal Court. Please click here for more information about our continued court action.

Voter Education

GOAL members often take an active interest in the legislative and political processes. We provide our members with information on candidates for office and their views on firearms related policies.  We ask any person seeking elected office to fill out our candidate questionnaire. We use this information to grade new candidates, this information is shared on our different candidate ratings pages.

We also grade current legislators on their voting record and which legislation they support (and how they supported it).

Grassroots Efforts

GOAL encourages members and law abiding gun owners to take an active interest in the legislative process. We visit clubs across the state to discuss the current political climate, MA laws, sportsmen’s issues and more. We also organize members in various grassroots campaigns for legislative reform with themes such as email writing, phone calls, social media activation, State House rallies, and legislative contact in the community.  We also encourage our members to get to know their legislators and interact with them often as a means of fighting off astroturf efforts from out of state entities, who seek to restrict our freedom.

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