Should the State House be Passing Legislation While Closed to the Public?

The title of the article is a question that is starting to be a topic of discussion around the country. It is also not limited to the second Amendment community. We have heard rumblings from a variety of different people and groups throughout the last four or five months.

The question was further compounded in Massachusetts this past session. During my entire tenure at GOAL, and even before that, the legislature always stopped formal sessions on July 31st. At this point they would focus on elections. They still had informal sessions for innocuous bills and could call a formal for something emergency related. This past session was the first time the legislature worked until January. Even then, they worked until very early the next morning passing legislation.

The reason for staying in operation was supposedly because the budget had not been passed and emergency COVID law might have to be passed. It turned out that several other things were passed as well. None of which had any bearing on our issues, but the question remains...

State Issues Firearms Application Guidance Letter

Click Here to View the Guidance Letter

Recently the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) with the cooperation of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCPA) issued a “COVID-19 Law Enforcement Guidance” for the processing of License to Carry and Firearm Identification Card applications...

They Are Not Coming to Take Your Guns – It May be Worse Than That

Jim Wallace

How many times have Second Amendment civil rights proponents heard that over the years? 

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