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Gun maker Smith & Wesson moves headquarters out of Mass., citing low 2nd Amendment support

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GOAL's Ghost Gun Exorcism Legislation

The Second Amendment community all over the country is well aware of another coordinated attack on our civil rights. Like the inventive “assault weapons” terminology of the 1980’s, this one too comes with a catchy name: “Ghost Guns.”

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The easiest solution to all the firearm license problems in the Commonwealth would be for the state to actually recognized our civil rights and become a Constitutional carry state. Since that is not likely to happen any time soon, especially in the current political climate, we believe that we have offered a solution that would be a vast improvement.

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Big things happening in 2021! Join us as we grow and develop, bringing in new topics and advancing the cause of 2nd Amendment civil rights here in the Commonwealth!

GOAL Alerts!

The ATF’s Redefining Frames, Receivers and What is a “Firearm”

GOAL would like to remind you that the comment period for the ATF’s proposed rule to redefine “Frame or Receiver” is still open, until August 19th, 2021. This rule change is an arbitrary and emotion-driven change that would eliminate the ability of American Citizens to build their own firearms for personal use-a right we have enjoyed since before the founding of this nation.

The ATF’s Proposed Attack on Pistol Braces

The comment period has officially opened for the ATF’s proposed attack on pistol braces. This means the time to take action is today-right now. These new arbitrary rules being proposed by unelected Federal bureaucrats could make instant felons out of thousands of responsible gun owners across the country and have significant harmful impacts on the industry as a whole.

GOAL Opposes MassWildlife Fee Increases

See our original alert:

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) has posted information about the upcoming hearings regarding their proposed drastic fee increases. They have scheduled public hearings that will be held virtually on on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. You can find the details and more information about the increases and the hearings by following this link:

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