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Bigotry Rears Its Ugly Head in the City of Newton, MA Against 2A Community and Possibly Destroys a Small Business

Bigotry Rears Its Ugly Head in the City of Newton, MA Against 2A Community and Possibly Destroys a Small Business

It seems like every spring the anti-civil rights crowd gets creative in the manner in which they attack their fellow citizens who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. These attacks take place at the local level every year at town meetings, city councils, etc. They are always well coordinated and represent a new tactic each year.

This year these groups seem to have borrowed a page from Governor Charlie Baker’s playbook and are attacking small business owners. We all vividly remember when the federal government released its COVID guidelines for essential businesses; it included the reopening of firearm retailers and shooting ranges as essential to civil rights. Within hours of the State releasing the document, the Baker team amended it to intentionally shut down firearm retailers and ranges. It took federal court action to block that effort and ensure that, even during a pandemic, citizens could enjoy the rights afforded to them in the United States Constitution.

Recently, a small business-person in the City of Newton was preparing to open a firearm retail store. By all accounts, he was working with the local government and police to ensure he was properly following the processes the City requires. Everything was fine until a local group of anti-civil rights folks got involved. Their tactic … new zoning ordinances specifically designed and timed to essentially outlaw firearm retailers in the community.

In a recent story by CBS Boston* local residents were quoted saying:

“This is a densely populated community with young children and families that live around here so we don’t think it’s safe to put a gun shop here.”...

No MassWildlife Fee Increases Without Changes

Sign the Petition:


MassWildlife is proposing an exceptionally large fee increase on hunting and fishing licenses over the next 5 years. Unfortunately, this increase does not come with any benefit to gun owners or the outdoor heritage community-who pays the lion's share of the costs necessary to buy and maintain public conservation lands. The community is still being persecuted and restricted by the state government with no end in sight.

GOAL Files Lifetime License Bill

The easiest solution to all the firearm license problems in the Commonwealth would be for the state to actually recognized our civil rights and become a Constitutional carry state. Since that is not likely to happen any time soon, especially in the current political climate, we believe that we have offered a solution that would be a vast improvement.

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GOAL's Ghost Gun Exorcism Legislation

The Second Amendment community all over the country is well aware of another coordinated attack on our civil rights. Like the inventive “assault weapons” terminology of the 1980’s, this one too comes with a catchy name: “Ghost Guns.”

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