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We provide a wide array of courses and offer everything from a class for new shooters to certification training for those wishing to become firearms instructors.

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Our GOAL is Education. We believe that safe firearms handling lessons serve as a core element of preserving the public safety. Our staff provides quality training for individuals interested in the proper use, handing and safe storage of firearms. We provide courses to new shooters, as well as certification training for those wishing to become firearms instructors. We also provide referrals to instructors around the state.

Youth Education. GOAL firmly believes that the future of our nation depends on our youth. If we don’t want our children to think of guns as toys, or worse yet, as a way to solve arguments, we must education them. Therefore, we promote the National Rifle Association’s award-winning Eddie Eagle® GunSafe program, which teaches children and important safety message. Our members and activists have been successful at getting the program into elementary schools across the state to teach the life saving message to young children. If they find a gun, “STOP! Don’t Touch! Leave the area. Tell an adult.”

Gun Owner Education. Due to the overwhelming number of local, state and federal firearms laws, GOAL is a highly respected source of information for the state’s licensed gun owners. Our popular Massachusetts Firearms Law book is currently in its eighteenth printing. We have researched and created fact sheets on subjects ranging from the licensing structure of Massachusetts gun laws to the transportation and storage requirements for gun owners in the Commonwealth. We have debuted several courses for current gun owners and sportsmen and women on intermediate topics or introductions to new shooting sports and disciplines. For the full range of these seminars, check out the training and education schedule.

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