In order to optimize your time and efforts at public hearings, GOAL has prepared these documents that can be downloaded and printed out.

  • Click here for our Etiquette Tips sheet for public hearings
  • Click here for information about contacting your legislator/how to write a correctly formatted letter
  • Click here for our Testimony Prep sheet for public hearings
  • Click here for GOAL’s Information sheet – Where’s the Evidence of Gun Control Success?
  • Click here for GOAL’s 2019 “Gun Control” Success Report “A false and dangerous narrative”.
  • Click here for our “33 Steps” sheet which outlines the many obstacles one must navigate in order to legally purchase a handgun in Massachusetts.

Useful Links to pages on

  • Click here to find your State Legislator (search by your zip code)
  • Click here for GOAL’s Firearms Info page – lot’s of good info here about “assault weapons”, and the many regulations pertaining to firearms ownership in MA.

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