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Massachusetts State Police Claims No Longer Processing Licenses

06/15/2020 2:23 PM | Angela Fisher (Administrator)

As GOAL members are well aware, there has been a months long struggle with local licensing authorities not processing licenses. This is especially the case with new applicants. The excuse for not processing new licenses has been that it is unsafe to take fingerprints and conduct the interviews. After four months, this is no longer a valid reason. We can all get our favorite fast food and coffee. To shut down access to a civil right is simply inexcusable.

Trying to give people another option, GOAL suggested applying through the State Police. In accordance with MGL C.140 § 131(d) you may submit your LTC application to either your local authority or to the Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police (MSP).

Without giving any explanation, the MSP returned people’s applications and simply stated they are no longer processing applications. (See copy of letter.)

Below is the specific legal citation:

C.140 section 131(d) Any person residing or having a place of business within the jurisdiction of the licensing authority or any law enforcement officer employed by the licensing authority or any person residing in an area of exclusive federal jurisdiction located within a city or town may submit to the licensing authority or the colonel of state police, an application for a Class A license to carry firearms, or renewal of the same, which the licensing authority or the colonel may issue if it appears that the applicant is not a prohibited person…

Unfortunately, our rights are once again being ignored. We at GOAL understand how frustrating this situation may be, with local and state licensing authorities brushing off new LTC applicants This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. As law-abiding citizens, we are not exempt from exercising our rights.

Many people have contacted GOAL and asked why we have not filed a lawsuit concerning the issue. The simple answer is that no applicant has wanted to become a plaintiff. No plaintiffs, no lawsuit. GOAL will continue to work towards a solution.

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