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GOAL Needs Your Help Again With Information!

07/06/2020 12:17 PM | Angela Fisher (Administrator)

GOAL has received countless contacts from potential new gun owners who are being blocked from applying for their first firearm license. What GOAL needs to know is:

  •   What municipalities are not processing applications? New or renewals.
  •   If your local authorities have started to process new licenses, how long are they saying it will be before you can come in for an appointment?
  •   Also, if they tell you, how many applications may be backlogged?

Due to COVID-19, applications are piling up all over the state. Letting GOAL know how many applicants are in front of you, and how departments plan on catching up will be very helpful information.

We need answers so that we may keep gun owners informed and work with the proper authorities to work on remedies. Once again, your 2A right is being infringed upon. It is unethical to place law abiding citizens on hold while the rest of the country reopens. There are plenty of vulnerable residents in the Commonwealth who rely on firearms for their personal protection. If you have any information please do not hesitate to email jim@goal.org . Don’t give up on your civil rights!

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