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GOAL encourages all candidates that are running for office to submit a candidate questionnaire.

Please note, candidates who receive a % grade are challengers, the grade is based on their answers on our candiate questionnaire. Incumbents with a legislative record receive letter grades.

Green Highlight = GOAL ENDORSED

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Ballotpedia.coma great resource for viewing all contested seats, here you can look at all candidates for MA House, MA Senate, Statewide, etc.


Please note – GOAL is currently in the process of evaluating incumbent candidates, grades are subject to change.

2018 State Elections

FCharlie BakerRYes
Lieutenant Governor
FKaren PolitoRYes
Attorney General
FMaura HealeyDYes
1st District – Governors Council
NRJoseph FerreiraDYes
2nd District – Governors Council
NRRobert JubinvilleDYes
3rd District – Governors Council
NRMarilyn Petitto DevaneyDYes
4th District – Governors Council
NRChristopher IannellaDNo
5th District – Governors Council
NREileen DuffDYes
6th District – Governors Council
NRTerrence KennedyDYes
7th District – Governors Council
AJennie CaissieRYes
8th District – Governors Council
NRMary HurleyDYes