Massachusetts House of Representatives Ratings Page

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GOAL encourages all candidates that are running for office to submit a candidate questionnaire.

Please note, candidates who receive a % grade are challengers, the grade is based on their answers on our candiate questionnaire. Incumbents with a legislative record receive letter grades. These grades are based on their actions as an elected official to the 190th MA General Court.

Green Highlight = GOAL ENDORSED

Additional Information:

1st Barnstable
CTimothy Whelan.RYes
2nd Barnstable
CWilliam L. Crocker, Jr.RYes
3rd Barnstable
CDavid VieiraRYes
4th Barnstable
CSarah Peake DYes
5th Barnstable
CRandy HuntRYes
Barnstable, Dukes, Nantucket
DDylan A. FernandesDNo
1st Berkshire
NRJohn BarrettDNo
2nd Berkshire
DPaul MarkDYes
3rd Berkshire
DTricia Farley-BouvierDYes
4th Berkshire
DWilliam PignatelliDYes
1st Bristol
CF. Jay BarrowsRYes
2nd Bristol
NRJames HawkinsDNo
3rd Bristol
AShaunna O’Connell RYes
4th Bristol
CSteven HowittRYes
5th Bristol
CPatricia HaddadDYes
6th Bristol
DCarole FiolaDYes
7th Bristol
DAlan SilviaDYes
8th Bristol
DPaul Schmid IIIDYes
9th Bristol
DChristopher MarkeyDYes
10th Bristol
DWilliam StrausDYes
11th Bristol
NRChristopher HendricksDNo
12th Bristol
100%Norman OrrallRNo
13th Bristol
FAntonio CabralDYes
14th Bristol
CElizabeth PoirierRYes
1st Essex
CJames KelcourseRYes
2nd Essex
CLeonard MirraRYes
3rd Essex
NRAndres X VargasDYes
4th Essex
CBradford HillRYes
5th Essex
DAnn-Margaret FerranteDYes
6th Essex
DJerry ParisellaDYes
7th Essex
DPaul TuckerDYes
8th Essex
DLori EhrlichDYes
9th Essex
CDonald WongRYes
10th Essex
DDan CahillDYes
11th Essex
DPeter CapanoDNo
12th Essex
DThomas WalshDYes
13th Essex
DTheodore SpeliotisDYes
NRMark B. MezzinaRNo
14th Essex
NRChristina A. MinicucciDNo
15th Essex
DLinda Dean CampbellDYes
16th Essex
DJuana B. MatiasDYes
17th Essex
DFrank MoranDYes
18th Essex
NRTram T. NguyenDNo
1st Franklin
NRNatalie M. BlaisDNo
2nd Franklin
BSusannah WhippsUYes
1st Hampden
CTodd SmolaRYes
2nd Hampden
DBrian AsheDYes
3rd Hampden
BNicholas BoldygaRYes
4th Hampden
CJohn VelisDYes
5th Hampden
DAaron VegaDYes
6th Hampden
DMichael FinnDYes
7th Hampden
DThomas PetrolatiDYes
8th Hampden
DJoseph WagnerDYes
9th Hampden
DJose TosadoDYes
10th Hampden
DCarlos GonzalezDYes
11th Hampden
DBud L. WilliamsDYes
12th Hampden
DAngelo Puppolo, Jr.DYes
1st Hampshire
NRLindsay N. SabadosaDNo
2nd Hampshire
NRDaniel R. CareyDNo
3rd Hampshire
NRMindy DombDNo
1st Middlesex
CSheila HarringtonRYes
2nd Middlesex
DJames ArcieroDYes
3rd Middlesex
CKate HoganDYes
4th Middlesex
DDanielle GregoireDYes
5th Middlesex
FDavid LinskyDYes
6th Middlesex
NRMaria RobinsonDNo
7th Middlesex
DJack LewisRYes
8th Middlesex
DCarolyn DykemaDYes
9th Middlesex
DThomas StanleyDYes
10th Middlesex
DJohn LawnDYes
11th Middlesex
FKay KhanDYes
12th Middlesex
FRuth BalserDYes
13th Middlesex
DCarmine GentileDYes
14th Middlesex
NRTami L. GouveiaDNo
15th Middlesex
NRMichelle CiccoloDNo
16th Middlesex
DThomas Golden, Jr.DYes
17th Middlesex
DDavid NangleDYes
18th Middlesex
DRady MomDYes
19th Middlesex
100%Pina PrinzivalliRNo
NRDavid Allen RobertsonDNo
20th Middlesex
CBradley Jones, Jr.RYes
21st Middlesex
DKenneth GordonDYes
22nd Middlesex
CMarc LombardoRYes
23rd Middlesex
DSean GarballeyDYes
24th Middlesex
DDavid RogersDYes
25th Middlesex
FMarjorie DeckerDYes
26th Middlesex
DMike Connolly DNo
27th Middlesex
FDenise ProvostDYes
28th Middlesex
DJoseph McGonagle, Jr.DYes
29th Middlesex
DJonathan HechtDYes
30th Middlesex
NRRichard M. HaggertyDNo
31st Middlesex
FMichael DayDYes
32nd Middlesex
DPaul BrodeurDYes
33rd Middlesex
DSteven UltrinoDYes
34th Middlesex
DChristine BarberDYes
35th Middlesex
DPaul Donato, Sr.DYes
36th Middlesex
AColleen GarryDYes
37th Middlesex
DJennifer BensonDYes
1st Norfolk
DBruce AyersDYes
2nd Norfolk
DTackey ChanDYes
3rd Norfolk
DRonald MarianoDYes
4th Norfolk
DJames MurphyDYes
5th Norfolk
DMark CusackDYes
6th Norfolk
DWilliam GalvinDYes
7th Norfolk
DWilliam J. Driscoll, Jr.DYes
8th Norfolk
DLouis KafkaDYes
9th Norfolk
CShawn C. DooleyRYes
10th Norfolk
DJeffrey RoyDYes
11th Norfolk
DPaul McMurtryDYes
12th Norfolk
DJohn RogersDYes
13th Norfolk
DDenise GarlickDYes
14th Norfolk
DAlice PeischDYes
15th Norfolk
NRTommy VittoloDNo
1st Plymouth
CMathew MuratoreRYes
2nd Plymouth
ASusan GiffordRYes
3rd Plymouth
DJoan MeschinoDYes
4th Plymouth
NRPatrick Joseph KearneyDNo
5th Plymouth
ADavid DeCosteRYes
6th Plymouth
DJosh CutlerDYes
7th Plymouth
NRAlyson M. SullivanRNo
8th Plymouth
CAngelo D’EmiliaRYes
9th Plymouth
DGerry CassidyDYes
10th Plymouth
FMichelle DuBoisDYes
11th Plymouth
CClaire CroninDYes
12th Plymouth
NRKathleen R. LaNatraDNo
1st Suffolk
DAdrian MadaroDYes
2nd Suffolk
DDaniel Joseph RyanDYes
3rd Suffolk
DAaron MichlewitzDYes
4th Suffolk
NRDavid BieleDNo
5th Suffolk
NRLiz MirandaDNo
6th Suffolk
DRussell HolmesDYes
7th Suffolk
DChynah TylerDYes
8th Suffolk
DJay LivingstoneDYes
9th Suffolk
NRJon SantiagoDNo
10th Suffolk
DEdward CoppingerDYes
11th Suffolk
DElizabeth MaliaDYes
12th Suffolk
FDan CullinaneDYes
13th Suffolk
DDaniel J. HuntDYes
14th Suffolk
DAngelo ScacciaDYes
15th Suffolk
NRNika ElugardoDNo
16th Suffolk
DRoseLee VincentDYes
17th Suffolk
DKevin HonanDYes
18th Suffolk
DMichael MoranDYes
19th Suffolk
FRobert DeLeoDYes
1st Worcester
CKimberly FergusonRYes
2nd Worcester
AJonathan ZlotnikDYes
3rd Worcester
DStephan HayDYes
4th Worcester
DNatalie HigginsDYes
100%Richard PalmieriRNo
5th Worcester
ADonald Berthiaume, Jr.RYes
6th Worcester
APeter DurantRYes
7th Worcester
APaul FrostRYes
8th Worcester
100%Micheal J. SoterRNo
NRPatrick J. MaloneDNo
9th Worcester
ADavid Muradian, Jr.RYes
10th Worcester
DBrian W. MurrayDYes
11th Worcester
DHannah Kane RYes
12th Worcester
FHarold Naughton, Jr.DYes
13th Worcester
DJohn MahoneyDYes
14th Worcester
FJames O’DayDYes
15th Worcester
DMary S. KeefeDYes
16th Worcester
DDaniel DonahueDYes
17th Worcester
NRDavid Henry Argosky LeBoueufDNo
18th Worcester
AJoseph McKennaRYes