An Act Relative to the Lawful Sale of Ammunition

Latest News: S.1423 was filed for the 191st General Court by State Senator Don Humason.

What it does: Several years ago Attorney General Tom Reilly ruled that companies outside of Massachusetts could no longer sell ammunition or ammunition components through the mail to lawfully licensed citizens. Since the residents of the Commonwealth go through an extensive licensing process there is no reason why such transactions should not take place.

Why it is important: This bill would make it clear that such transactions are lawful and all shipments require the signature of the licensee or adult agent.

Bill Language:

SECTION 1. Section 123 of Chapter 140 of the Massachusetts General Laws shall be amended by inserting the following language at the end of the section:

Notwithstanding any special law or regulation to the contrary nothing in this section shall be deemed as requiring a company outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be required to be licensed under this section. Said companies shall be entitled to sell and deliver inert ammunition components to persons properly licensed to possess or purchase ammunition under sections, 129B or 131 of this chapter, through the internet, U.S. Mail or by any other means common to interstate commerce. All deliveries of ammunition under this paragraph, whether in person or by common carrier, must require the signature of the licensee and photographic identification.

For the purposes of this section the term “inert components” shall include but not limited to the following: cases, bullets, shot, wads.