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GOAL’s Self Defense is a Human Right Campaign


Because your life may depend on it.

Because your decision to protect yourself should be yours.

Because your choice of how you protect yourself should be up to you.

Self Defense is a Human Right.

Support GOAL’s #SelfDefenseisaHumanRight Campaign!

Over the last fifty years people have argued that education, access to health care, citizenship, and more, are all “human rights”. None of these actually protect a person’s inalienable right to simply live, to draw breath and prevent anyone from taking that from us.

Over the last half-century, our human right to defend ourselves from murder, rape, assault, etc. has become a political pinball. Our elected officials and courts have created an environment that is extremely friendly to violent criminals. Simultaneously they have created an environment that is hostile to self-defense. They are constantly placing restrictions on how we can, where we can, or even if we can defend ourselves, families, or loved ones.

There are many anti-human rights people and organizations that are fighting hard to ensure that our right to self-defense should be limited to inside our home only! What other basic human right ceases to exist once we leave our home? None!


It’s well past time for all government officials and the courts to recognize and restore this important right to any law-abiding person. Your choice shouldn’t be limited by income, zip code, or access to the tools necessary to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Here’s how you can help.

  • Engage with your elected officials, tell them that you do not accept the current status quo, which greatly diminishes your self-defense choices.
  • Spread the #SelfDefenseisaHumanRight message on your social media.
  • Talk to your friends and family about this important right, and how your choice of how you defend yourself should be up to you, and you alone.

Support GOAL’s #SelfDefenseisaHumanRight Campaign!

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