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GOAL Teams with Comm2A in Response to State’s Unlawful Data Release

Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) and the Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) have teamed up in response to an unlawful data release that includes very specific information on firearm transfers in Massachusetts.

We were recently made aware that the Firearms Record Bureau (FRB) posted links to extensive data covering every recorded gun transaction in Massachusetts going back nearly twenty years. The data files do not use buyers’ names, but it does assign everyone, including retailers, a unique numerical identification number. The data, now made public and downloadable, provides your ID number, the specific gun you bought, your town and zip code. It also provides the same information about the person or retailer you bought it from. Given all that information the data is very easy to decode.

GOAL and Comm2A are joining together to legally notify the State of the clear violation. According to law, we must provide them 30 day’s notice to correct the issue before taking any court action. We will keep our members informed as things proceed.

Data about firearms licensing and transactions:




Chapter 66, Section 10B: Records divulging name, home or email address and phone number; persons who own, possess or have license to carry firearms; government personnel

Section 10B. The commissioner of the department of criminal justice information services, the department of criminal justice information services and its agents, servants, and attorneys including the keeper of the records of the firearms records bureau of said department, or any licensing authority, as defined in section 121 of chapter 140, shall not disclose any records divulging or tending to divulge the names and addresses of persons who own or possess firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns and ammunition therefor, as defined in said section 121 of said chapter 140, and names and addresses of persons licensed to carry or possess the same to any person, firm, corporation, entity or agency except criminal justice agencies as defined in section 167 of chapter 6 and except to the extent such information relates solely to the person making the request and is necessary to the official interests of the entity making the request.


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