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An Act Relative to Non-Resident Firearm Licensing

Latest News: H.2072 has been filed for the 191st General Court by Rep. Patricia Haddad.

What it does: Lawful citizens who are not technically a resident of Massachusetts face many restrictions placed on their civil rights in the Commonwealth even after they obtain a non-resident license to carry. This bill begins to address some of those issues by allowing people who own property or businesses in the Commonwealth to apply for firearm license as a resident.

Why it is needed: This bill creates a pathway for non-residents to be able to legally exercise their human right of self defense.

Bill Language:

Section 131F of Chapter 140 of the General Law is hereby amended by inserting a new paragraph:-

Any person who was previously a resident of the Commonwealth and held a License to Carry Firearms in good standing under section131 that:

1. Currently owns property that is utilized by them as a personal residence for a minimum of thirty days in a calendar year, or

2. Currently maintains a vehicle registered in the Commonwealth, or

3. Currently attends school in the Commonwealth, or

4. Currently owns a business within the Commonwealth

Shall be entitled to apply for a license to carry firearms under section 131.

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