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2016 Class Listing & Schedule

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The Art of Concealed Carry in Massachusetts: 3/16/15, 5/19/16, 9/14/16, 10/20/16
Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading: with Jim Finnerty 2/13/16, 5/15/16, 8/13/16, 10/8/16, 12/11/16
Basic Pistol Course (NRA LTC-002): 2/16/16, 3/8/16, 4/12/16, 8/23/16, 9/13/16, 10/18/16, 12/13/16
BFS Primer Course for State Certified Instructors: TBA
Close Quarters Carbine w/ Scott Germain - Center Mass Training: TBA
Close Quarters Combatives with Michael Anthony: TBA
Combat Focus Shooting with Rob Pincus: TBA
Combat Focus Shooting - Advanced Pistol Handling with Rob Pincus - TBA
This is an advanced class open only to graduates of a Combat Focus Shooting Program.
Defensive Mindset with William Aprill: TBA
Everyday Carry (EDC) Skills & Knowledge: TBA
Home Firearm Safety (NRA LTC-007) 1/19/16, 2/2/16, 2/14/16, 3/19/16, 3/22/16
Intro to Modern Sporting Rifle- AR15: 5/24/16, 6/7/16
Intro to IDPA: 4/26/16, 5/3/16
Intro to the Scholastic Pistol Program: TBA
MA Gun Law for Citizens: 1/12/16, 2/23/16, 4/5/16, 9/22/16
NRA Instructors Course Basic Pistol: Two Day Course: 6/27-28/16, 11/14-15/16
NRA Instructors Course Basic Pistol & Home Firearm Safety: Three Day Course: 2/5-6-7/16
NRA Instructors Course Shotgun Instructor: Two Day Course: 3/5-6/16.
NRA Range Chief Range Safety Officer: TBA
NRA Range Safety Officer: Two Day Course at Riverside Gun Club: 2/27-28/16, Two Day Course at Danvers Fish & Game 3/12-13/16.
Practical Self Defense for Womenwith Michael Anthony: TBA
Precision Marksman Level 1with Alex Hartmann: TBA
Precision Rifle Reloading with Jim Finnerty: 2/21/16, 5/7/16, 10/16/16
Principles of Concealed Carry: 5/17/16
Progressive Carbine Training with Scott Germain of Center Mass Training: Two Day Course: 4/22-23/16
Utah Non-Resident CCW: 2/9/16, 4/21/16 (at New Bedford), 9/7/16


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