Scrap It Recyling
Scrap-it Recycling Program


Help your club and Gun Owners' Action League by recycling and reclaiming bullets, cases and lead shot! Your Club will make money doing it!

Scrap-It Inc, leaders in metals recycling and the Gun Owners' Action League have teamed up to support our New England based gun ranges and shooting clubs in their pursuit of environment stewardship.

All proceeds from the lead, steel and brass collected during the reclamation process will be split between GOAL, the gun club and Scrap-It, whereby 5% will be paid to GOAL, 22.5% to the gun club and 72.5% to Scrap-It.

We are dedicated to helping your gun club succeed in lead and lead shot reclamation. As stewards of the environment, we can assist you in all phases of the Best Management Practices for Shooting Ranges.

Our services include:

  • Full reclamation of your shot fall zones and indoor / outdoor impact areas
  • Recycling of brass and steel cartridge cases
  • Pick-up and delivery of recycling bins for brass and steel cartridge cases
  • Monitoring of Ph levels
  • Application of lime and construction of limestone swales.
  • Berm and Impact area construction
  • Working with state and local authorities for compliance issues

Contact Fred Rogers or Kevin Burns at (617-595-5505) today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation in which we will work together to evaluate your lead reclamation needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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