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H.4059  “An Act Relative to Possession of Armor-Piercing Ammunition in the City of Boston"

This bill as written does not punish or deal with criminal actions, but instead invents a victimless crime. This bill follows the same premise of the failed theories that led to the disastrous Gun Control Act of 1998.

Currently in Massachusetts lawful citizens must have a license to possess any ammunition. This includes empty brass casings, primers and any part of ammunition known as components. Simple possession of ammunition or components without a license in the Commonwealth is punishable under Chapter 269, Section 10(h)(1) by imprisonment in a jail or house of correction for not more than 2 years or by a fine of not more than $500. Aside from the existing state license, this proposal seeks to create a new “class” of ammunition and license specifically for the City of Boston.

The bill also lumps together several elements (substances) in the same category that simply should not be. Around the nation there are laws banning lead ammunition. In these cases, ammunitions manufacturers are producing lead alternatives. These include solid copper projectiles, tungsten projectiles, alloys and so forth. To place these civilian marketable substances on the same list as “depleted uranium” is reckless at best. The inclusion of such elements in the bill fogs the issue.

Government has been calling for the ammunition industry to find so-called lead alternatives for years and the industry has responded. Now, it appears that the City of Boston intends to ban those alternatives by inventing classes of ammunition defined by certain substances.

We urge you to contact The Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government and ask they OPPOSE H.4059 “An Act Relative to Possession of Armor-Piercing Ammunition in the City of Boston”. This bill does nothing to address the actions of criminals. Like the bulk of the gun laws in the Commonwealth, this proposed piece of legislation would only jeopardize lawful citizens.


Governor Patrick Files Chapter 180 Part II
May 6, 2009

On Wednesday, May 06, 2009 the Patrick Administration filed “An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence” but can truly only be described as Chapter 180 Part II. The existing persecutorial gun laws in Massachusetts were passed in 1998 (Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998). The result has been an 85% reduction in lawfully licensed gun owners and a drastic INCREASE in gun related crime.
According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s 2007 ISP Report, gun related deaths and injuries categories have increased in the following manner:
79 % INCREASE in homicide related firearm deaths since 1998.
72 % INCREASE in firearm assault related injuries since 1998.
243 % INCREASE in assault related firearm hospital discharges since 1998.
331 % INCREASE in firearm assault related emergency room visits since 1999 (Category began in ’99).
590 % INCREASE in firearm assault outpatient observations since 2001 (Category began in ’01).

The record of reducing crime via “gun control” is a confirmed failed social experiment within the Commonwealth. With these facts in mind, it is incomprehensible that our Governor would seek to pile twenty-three more sections of more “gun control” legislation on top of the existing disastrous laws.

Perhaps the most egregious part of this bill is the Governor’s proposal to send lawfully licensed citizens to prison for two and half years for legally purchasing two firearms in a one month period! How can any representative of the lawful people of the Commonwealth propose to reduce crime by putting the innocent in prison?

“We need to focus on reforming the State’s gun laws through the Civil Rights and Public Safety Act first and foremost,” said Jim Wallace Executive Director of Gun Owners’ Action League. “We need to give a concerted effort to completely separate, in statute, the lawful possession issues and the criminal enforcement issues. Only by doing that will we be able to ensure the protection of lawful citizens and begin to successfully punish the human criminal element, thus reducing crime.”

GOAL urges all of our members to contact their local legislators and urge them to reject any further “gun control” proposals and ask them to support GOAL’s reform bill H.2259, the Civil Rights and Public Safety Act instead. Real Reform with Real Results.

GOAL’s Civil Rights and Public Safety Act: www.MassGunLawReform.com

Governor’s Legislation: http://www.mass.gov/Agov3/docs/050609GunControlBill.pdf

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