Rep. Denis Guyer to file Article 97 Industrial Development Moratorium Legislation on GOAL’s Behalf

In the past years it has become very apparent that there are increasing pressures on the Commonwealth to remove environmental and conservation protections from state and locally owned lands. In the past, some of these efforts came from municipalities that were desperately seeking land to build schools or other such projects. Most recently, the greatest threats to our state forests, wildlife management areas and other conservation lands is industrial development, some under the guise of “green” energy. Unfortunately, it is far too easy and common for these lands to lose their protections through the legislative process.

As a representative of gun owners, sportsmen and women, our members have a deep heritage in conservation efforts. For nearly a century, we have worked diligently to enhance and protect wildlife habitat and open space lands. We have done so in initiatives like the 1937 Pittman Robinson Act and the 1990 Land Stamp Act through which we have self taxed ourselves to set aside land and habitat for the benefit of all. I believe it is safe to say that sportsmen and women, past and present, did not work for nearly a century to conserve land and protect wildlife habitat only to have it used for industrial development of any kind.

Due to these pressures on our precious natural resources, sportsmen and women have once again taken the lead in conservation. We are pleased to announce that Representative Denis Guyer is filing, on behalf of Gun Owners’ Action League, a bill to provide a ten year moratorium on industrial development, including energy, on any lands previously protected under Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution.

We hope that you will join Gun Owners’ Action League in supporting this legislation thereby taking a crucial step in relieving our precious conservation lands from some of the pressures of industrial development.

Legislative Language:
SECTION 1. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, Chapter 132A of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2008 Official Edition is hereby amended by inserting after Section 18 the following section:-
Section 19. Any lands or easements taken or acquired for natural resource purposes under Article XCVII of the amendments of the Constitution, shall be subject to a moratorium prohibiting industrial development, including energy, on said lands, for a period of ten years after any disposition or change of use.
SECTION 2. This act shall take effect immediately upon passage.

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