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News Archive 2013

State Of Massachusetts continues to abuse citizens applying for gun licenseCitizen Abuse Continues

The state of Massachusetts continues to abuse citizens who attempt to follow the law

15 years of failure, lack of planning and inaction are beginning to take a toll. Over the course of the last 18 + months the phone lines, e-mails and mailman have continued to bring news to the GOAL office of delay after delay affecting gun owners who try to follow the law by applying for a license to lawfully own firearms in Massachusetts. This license is known as an LTC (License to Carry) or an FID (Firearms Identification Card). For those that don’t know it is illegal to possess a firearm in Massachusetts without one of the two and the LTC “A” license is needed to lawfully carry a concealed handgun in MA.

Mass State House BostonOpen Letter to MA Legislature

Re: Legislative priorities - firearms

Over the past year there have been a long series of public legislative hearings conducted by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. There have also been countless public forums and media interviews and articles all pertaining to proposed changes in the Commonwealth’s gun laws. For many years, Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) has been the leading advocacy organization representing over 16,000 members.

Senator Humason Speaks at Worcester Public HearingThank You GOAL Members

A note of thanks from State Senator Humason

You should know that the folks at GOAL were exceptionally supportive of my candidacy and I am certain it helped get me get me into the end zone. I have always been proud to be a law abiding and responsible gun owner, a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, a member of the NRA, the Westfield Sportsmen’s Club, and GOAL.

GOAL Chapter 180 Report Card MA Legislature receives an F15 Years of Failure

Chapter 180's 15 Year Report Card: Massachusetts Gun Laws Receive Failing Grades

It is time for Massachusetts to stop protecting bad law and start protecting good citizens! The passing of Chapter 180 by the Massachusetts legislature has left the citizens of the Commonwealth in a mess of ever increasing violent crime and indecipherable laws as written. With this in mind and with it being the 15th anniversary of the legislation GOAL submits this report card showing the intent of the legislation, the effect and our grade

Jim Wallace GOAL Executive Director testifies at Boston Public Hearing September 13, 2013Public Hearings Conclude.
Boston Public Hearing Notes 9/13/13 The day began with Committee Chair Naughton’s opening remarks, discussing the hearings and listening forums which have taken up most of the Summer, who he has spoken with and the plan going forward. The take away quote from his opening remarks was; "This has been a tremendous experience, it strikes me that we can reach a common ground."

GOAL LTC FID surveyLTC/FID Renewal Survey

Have you experienced a delay of 40+ days waiting for your LTC/FID renewal? If so, please take our survey!

GOAL is once again compiling evidence illustrating the broken Massachusetts licensing process. Once compiled by the GOAL staff, these forms will be presented to MA Legislators at the State House by GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace as evidence which perfectly illustrates the need for reform. Please click here for more information - to take the survey.

Massachusetts Supreme Court Tanks another RKBA Case

Click here to read the decision.

On Tuesday June 4, 2013 the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) handed down a decision in a case called Mirko Chardin vs. Police Commissioner of Boston (SJC-11196). The case stems from a 1995 case where on January 19, 1995, Mr. Cardin was charged in the Juvenile Court with one count of possession of a firearm without a license, and one count of unlawful possession of ammunition. On April 18, 1995, Chardin admitted to sufficient facts and was adjudicated a delinquent child with respect to both charges. He received a suspended commitment to the Department of Youth Services, was released to his mother's custody, and was given probation until April 18, 1996.

Senator Mike Knapik Senate Amendment Update


MA Senate Votes Against GOAL's Effort To Investigate Massachusetts' Broken FID/LTC Licensing System.


GOAL would like to thank Senator Knapik (pictured at right) for his efforts including addressing the Senate floor on behalf of this important amendment. It is unfortunate that the rest of the Senate does not care to look into this system which is now beyond repair. Senator Michael Knapik of Westfield had filed the amendment to the FY2014 Senate budget on behalf of GOAL. The amendment would have instructed the Massachusetts Inspector General's Office to conduct a thorough investigation into the failure of the Massachusetts firearm licensing system.

Gun Related Homicides Up 100% Since 1998


5/17/13. For instance, in 1998 when the new laws went into effect there were 63 gun related homicides. As of the latest ISP report for 2010 there were 126 gun related homicides, double that of the year of the Gun Control Act! In 1998 there were 96 gun related assaults that resulted in a Hospital Discharge. In 2010 there were 267 nearly triple the number when the Gun Control Act was passed. The WRISS system has a Firearm Related Assault Injury category. In this report in 1998 there were 291 and in 2009 (the latest available) there were 464.


The facts are clear that the Massachusetts gun laws have been a complete failure and that certain people are simply not willing to admit it regardless of how much hard evidence we supply. One piece of this is very interesting is the fact that what the Dept. of Public Health is providing the public is considered anecdotal!? We wonder if that counts for other issues they cover?

Range day for ma legislatorsMA Legislators Range Day

GOAL's annual FSED a tremendous success!

GOAL invites every MA legislator to attend and has seen a significant increase in attendance every year. As a matter of fact, Jim Wallace, GOAL Exec. Director reports that the day is often the topic of discussion in the MA state house year round and especially in the weeks leading up to, and following the event.

After a safety briefing by GOAL Executive Director Jon Green the attendees were sent in groups to the skeet range, the trap range, the pistol range and the rifle range where they received instruction for each discipline from GOAL's experienced volunteer instructors.

SudburySudbury: Anti Second Amendment Article Defeated at Town Meeting.

5/9/13 Update: Victory!. After nearly an hour of debate, Annual Town Meeting voters defeated an article seeking to significantly restrict where guns could be fired in town.

The good citizens of Sudbury soundly defeated the anti-Second Amendment article that came to vote last night - preserving their right to lawfully discharge a firearm within town limits.

GOAL Rally on the Common in Support of the Second Amendment!


Gun Owners Action League Rally: Tremendous Turnout!

Well over 1,500 residents of the Commonwealth turned out on a clear but cold day in downtown Boston exercising their First Amendment Right of Free speech in defense of their Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Several media outlets and helicopters looked on as patriots peaceably formed on the Boston Common and continued with a march to the State House. Folks from Pittsfield to Provincetown made the trek along with homemade signs and banners and a spirit that even the most zealous of anti freedom politicians could not break.


Among the many speakers were GOAL’s own Jim Wallace, Jay Beard, Robert Pepi, and Steve Moysey as well as special guests Yang LI, the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb and Illinois State Rifle Association’s Rich Pearson. Moysey proudly claimed “I went from British subject to American Citizen!” as Li likened many of the proposals to the actions taken by the Chinese government prior to the Tiananmen Square protests.

FBI Crime chart - MA failure2013 Report on Gun Crime Rates Since the Passage of the 1998 Gun Control Act


Where is the Evidence of Gun Control Success?

Ever since the passage of the gun control laws in 1998 the proponents of the Act have gone around the nation extolling the success. The problem is … what success? They tell the media that the laws here work because Massachusetts has some of the lowest gun death rates in the nation. The problem for their success argument is when one compares Massachusetts to Massachusetts. When fair comparison is done it is clear that the gun laws laws have been an abject failure.

GOAL Asks Governor Patrick for EOPS Oversight.



Gun Owners' Action League has contacted the office of Governor Deval Patrick today via formal letter asking that he correct recent erroneous statements made by the state of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPS).


This week, it came to GOAL's attention that EOPS had released incorrect information regarding Massachusetts laws which regulate the possession of large capacity feeding devices also known as "magazines".

MA State HouseGOAL Excluded from MA. "Gun Control" Task Force


Massachusetts House Speaker Announces Gun Control Task Force


On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo announced the members of his gun law task force. The Speaker stated earlier in the year that he wanted to put together a panel to review the states gun laws and come up with any suggestions.


Several weeks ago the Speaker had announced that Northeastern University Associate Dean Jack McDevitt would chair the task force. The latest announcement finalized the task force with the following individuals:

GOAL’s Annual Breakfast and Meeting of the Membership has a tradition of being a snow magnet, and looking at the forecast this year we were wondering if this year would follow tradition.  Luckily the snow gods decided they liked other parts of the country and left us alone until well after the meeting had adjourned.


GOAL would like to thank all of our members who took the time to attend.  The meeting, required by our bylaws is important in that we share with our membership our yearly report which covers financials and other important information.

Jay BeardGOAL Organizational Rally

GOAL would like to thank everyone that braved a stormy New England Winter morning to attend our organizational rally this past weekend at the Boxborough Holiday Inn.

Despite the cold, snowy and blustery morning we had a full room of members in attendance who are eager to provide momentum to our civil rights restoration efforts.

The day began with a greeting from GOAL President of the Board of Directors Jay Beard (pictured above) and a quick note of thanks to all in attendance and an update on the current raffles (Polaris Ranger and Big Bang) that are currently running.

insurance gun ban massachusetts linsky proposalMandatory Insurance Requirement = Back Door Gun Grab


In recent weeks we have been deluged with legislative proposals attacking our Second Amendment Civil Rights in the wake of the horrific murders in Connecticut. One such proposal has been mandatory liability insurance for anyone lawfully owning any type of gun. Lawful gun owners rightfully consider this to be simply another way to tax gun ownership. They are of course correct on that assumption, but this proposal goes much deeper and is much more insidious!

MA state house rally second amendment january 191200+ Concerned MA Citizens Rally at State House

1/19/13 Boston MA.

Travelling from near and far, by the car load and alone, some with children, many with signs and all on the same message - "stop punishing the law abiding" a crowd of approximately 1,200 - 1,500 concerned citzens rallied on the State House stairs today.

For years Massachusetts residents who lawfully own firearms have endured abusive restrictions and regulation which do nothing to lower crime and in fact have had the opposite effect.


Today, in the shadow of more legislation introduced over the last week by Governor Patrick and Rep. Linsky, many concerened citizens said "enough" and stepped out into the light to make their voice heard and to say "no more".

MA State House1/4/13 Gun Control Meeting Update

Brief Summary by GOAL Exec. Director Jim Wallace:

As it turns out although GOAL was not invited to the Gun Control meeting hosted by Rep. David Linsky at the State House, I was allowed to listen in, but due to the packed room I was forced to listen from the hallway for most of the meeting.


There were several members of the law enforcement community present including Wayne Sampson of the Mass Chiefs of Police. John Rosenthal was on hand to provide is typical sound bite rhetoric. Angus McQuilken, former Chief of Staff for Senator Cheryl Jacques sponsor of the 1998 Gun Control Act, was on hand to provide his “experience”.

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News Archive 2010

H.2259 (First filing of GOAL's Civil Rights and Public Safety Act)

H.4102 (Governor Patrick's "Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act")

  • One Week left in the legislative session. H.4102/H.2259 As of Monday, July 26, 2010 the Massachusetts Legislature has only one week left of “formal session”. Traditionally the last week of the session is a whirlwind of legislation.
  • GOAL Update on H.4102.  July 16th Update, The Governor's "Lawful Citizen Imprisonment and Profiling Act" is still in the House Committee on Ways & Means. To our knowledge they have not conducted a formal poll of the committee members in an attempt to release the bill to the House floor for a vote.
  • "Citizen's for Safety" video about H.4102. "There's a video on YouTube by Citizens for Safety featuring James Mathes and a young woman attempting to dupe the public into believing they are speaking on behalf of all hunters and gun owners."
  • Governor Patrick pushes pols to act on gun control, CORI reform. Patrick said he is still urging lawmakers to pass his gun control reform - a priority of his that has taken a back seat during the gaming debate.
  • H.4102, is Governor Patrick now in favor of profiling? The facts are clear and evident, the Governor has either quickly changed his mind on profiling or his beliefs are selective. In either case, it is quite clear to anyone who pays attention that the Governor’s “Lawful Citizen Imprisonment Act” is indeed a “profiling” bill.
  • Argument against proposed "Gun Bill" - Yes folks, it's true. Governor Deval Patrick is pushing his one-gun-a-month bill again, known as House Bill H4102, which would imprison lawfully-licensed citizens for purchasing more than one gun in a 30-day period.
  • Lawmakers’ snafu delays vote on Gov. Patrick gun bill A botched legislative vote today on Gov. Deval Patrick’s gun crackdown in the Bay State means the bill is on hold once again.
  • Governor Patrick blames GOAL (again) for holding up his unconstitutional legislation.“We haven’t got any tools in place in terms of how we control the flow of illegal guns, how we deal with these dangerousness hearings, which is something we have proposed, for people who commit crimes using a gun…and the gun lobby is so prominent, so present up on Beacon Hill that we can’t even have a conversation about it, a serious debate in the legislature about it and that bothers me…”
  • H. 4102. DEVAL PATRICK BLAMES GOAL FOR LACK OF PROGRESS ON GUN BILL  Gov. Deval Patrick blamed firearms lobbyists Monday for his gun control legislation’s lack of progress amid another murder of a child over the weekend, drawing a quick rebuke from the Gun Owners Action League, who called Patrick’s bill flawed and ineffective

Court News

Other Legislation News


  • NES Charity Ride for "Cross-X" a great success. Yesterday's temps started off in the upper 30s as riders headed to GOAL for registration. A little chilly, but with the proper gear everyone arrived in great spirits and nobody was complaining about the weather.
  • GOAL Shoot-B-Q a Tremendous Success! Approximately 100 GOAL members gathered for a great day of "Firearms, Food, and Fun" and we couldn't have asked for better weather, a nicer venue, or better food.
  • John Kelly Memorial Shoot. Great turnout in memory of a friend benefitting the American Heart Association and GOAL
  • City of Fitchburg continues unconstitutional licensing violations On Monday, March 8, 2010 several GOAL members contacted our office regarding a recorded message on the Fitchburg Police Department’s Firearm Licensing Unit’s answering machine. The message states that due to budgetary constraints, they are not able to accept any new firearm license applications. Citizens calling the number are asked to leave a message and when the Unit is able to process licenses again someone will contact them.
  • GOAL's "Freedom Will Prevail" 2010 Banquet a great success! Read the wrap up here.
  • Spring Fling Raffle! Winners! Look for our annual "Dog Days of Summer" Raffle soon, bigger and better than ever!
  • Budget Alert!4/29 Update: Congratulations all! Once again our voice was heard, Representatives Straus and Peterson were successful in passing their amendments
  • FA 10 Firearms transfer issues May 14th Update. As many of you know, the CJIS uploaded the FA10 form onto their website on April 30th. We just now noticed that they FINALLY updated it to a correct form that includes instructions/codes etc...
  • Billerica Town Meeting Alert! May 14th Update. We win again!

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