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Help Gun Owners’ Action League stay in the fight to protect and restore your Second Amendment rights in Massachusetts!

Due to the generous support of GOAL members we have been successful at fighting off continued calls for more restrictions on our rights, we have even made significant reforms, but the fight continues.

In the past few years we have worked hard on statewide issues on Beacon Hill. Lately the fight has gone local, several cities and towns across the Commonwealth have introduced local ordinances to restrict or ban the use of firearms for self-defense or sporting purposes.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court remains an enemy of the Second Amendment and continues to convey an immature and antiquated view of our rights in its rulings!

With your help GOAL can stay in the fight and fend off these continued attacks on our rights. Please consider upgrading your life membership today and keeping us in the fight!

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Upgrade from Sustaining to Benefactor for only $ 375 - Receive commemorative 40th anniversary pin!

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