An Act Relative to the Use of Crossbows

Massachusetts hunting laws prohibit the use of crossbows under section 69 of chapter 131 “34by any person other than a person who is permanently disabled such that the person cannot operate a conventional bow and arrow, as certified by a licensed physician.” With the advancement of crossbow technology over the last two decades, many state are allowing their use for many types of hunting. This bill would simply do away with the statutory prohibition and allow the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to regulate their use as they do with standard archery equipment.

Click here to read Senator Gobi's letter of support to Senate President Stanley Rosenberg

Bill Language:

SECTION 1. Section 64 of Chapter 131 of the General Laws is hereby amended by striking, in the title, the word "bows."

SECTION 2. Said section 64 is hereby further amended by striking the words "or any crossbow."

SECTION 3. Section 69 of Chapter 131 is hereby amended by deleting it in its entirety and replacing it with the following:-

Chapter 131, Section 69. A person shall not carry or use a bow and arrow or crossbow while hunting unless said bow and arrow or crossbow meet such requirements as may be set by rules and regulations which the director is hereby authorized to promulgate. Such rules and regulations shall prescribe general design, weight of pull, and type of bows and arrows or crossbows, and shall conform to standards generally accepted for hunting purposes.

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