GOAL's “Fight the Good Fight Raffle”


Congratulations to John P. of Braintree, he is our lucky winner! Great news, we have launched our "Big Bang" Annual Raffle, as always we are giving away ten guns that you will "get a kick" out of!

Dear Fellow Gun Owners,

Last July, in a direct attack on your civil rights, the Attorney General published an unconstitutional “Enforcement Notice” that retroactively reclassified legally acquired modern sporting rifles as banned “assault weapons”.

Within weeks, the Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) signed on as a plaintiff in the lawsuit Worman v. Baker that seeks to strike down Healey’s enforcement notice and reverse the unlawful restrictions placed on an entire class of firearms that are in common use by law abiding citizens in the Commonwealth and across the nation.

Ironically, as Massachusetts residents, WE are involuntarily providing the seemingly endless stream of revenue required by our opponents to suppress our own civil rights! 

GOAL is pleased to provide you with an opportunity to voluntarily level the playing field by participating in our new “Fight the Good Fight” raffle.

We’ve received generous donations of an engraved Henry Golden Boy 22LR rifle, Savage 20 GA bolt-action shotgun, Ruger SR-22 pistol, Thompson Center Triumph .50 Cal stainless muzzleloader, and a Matthews Triax compound bow that we will be raffling off in a winner-take-all raffle.

Drawing will be held on February 25, 2018 at the GOAL booth at the Oseg Sportsmen's Show at the Big E in Springfield, MA. 

Thank you and best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year.

Jim Finnerty
Gun Owners’ Action League Board of Directors

P.S. – Raffles notwithstanding, we’re happy to accept your donations to help us offset our considerable legal expenses. 

Just write “Fight the Good Fight” on your check, and we will put the donation to good use.

The check can be mailed to us at:

GOAL 361 W. Main St. Northborough, MA. 01532