Massachusetts Elected Officials Ratings Page

GOAL encourages all candidates that are running for office to submit a candidate questionnaire.

Please note, we do not rate candidates that are running for national office, U.S. Congress, President etc. ratings for those seats are from the NRA.


Please note, our ratings committee is currently grading MA General Election candidates. If you are a candidate that has not held office, please consider filling out our candidate questionnaire. If you are an incumbent candidate and would like to contact our election committee please click here.


2016 Ratings:

Additional Information: - a great resource for viewing all contested seats, here you can look at all candidates for MA House, MA Senate, Statewide, etc.


Please note - GOAL is currently in the process of evaluating incumbent candidates, grades are subject to change.

Rating Name Party Incumbent
2nd Governors Council
100% Brad WIlliams R No
5th Governors Council
100% Richard Baker R Yes
7th Governors Council
100% Jennie L. Cassie R Yes
Barnstable County Commissioner
100% Ronald R. Beaty Jr R No
Middlesex County Sheriff
94% Angelo LaCivita R No
Plymouth County Sheriff
94% Scott M. Vecchi D No


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